Former Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira Moves to Light Heavyweight Division for Next UFC Fight

Alex Pereira, the former two-division Glory Kickboxing champion, has announced his move to the light heavyweight division for his next UFC fight. This comes after his loss to Israel Adesanya in a rematch for the middleweight championship. Pereira, who had previously defeated Adesanya three times, including to win the championship, was brutally defeated in the rematch, leading to discussions about his future in the UFC.

Discussions about Pereira’s future in the UFC

While some, including former champ-champ Henry Cejudo, have called for Pereira to remain at middleweight and push for a trilogy with Adesanya, others, including UFC president Dana White, have suggested a move to light heavyweight. Now, Pereira has confirmed that he will be moving up to 205 pounds for his next fight.

Confirmation of move to light heavyweight

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Pereira stated that the move was not due to any difficulty in making the middleweight limit, but rather because he feels ready for the challenge of a new weight class. He also clarified that he had always made weight at 185 pounds and that doubts about his ability to do so were unfounded.

Pereira did not reveal his next opponent but promised to keep his fans updated. He acknowledged that the light heavyweight division would pose significant challenges, but expressed confidence in his ability to compete at that level.

“Hi folks. Like I promised, I’ll announce big news on my channel,” Pereira began. “My next fight will be (at) 205 (light heavyweight). Yeah, you heard right… I think I did my work (at middleweight) and now I’m feeling good to go up to 205. Like I told you, when I’m feeling good, I will go up. This will be something natural, and now I think it is.

“My next opponent, I can’t tell you yet, but I will keep you updated here on my channel. But as well, I want to make one thing clear: this division, 185, I always made weight. A lot of people had doubts, but I always fulfilled my obligation. But now is the moment to go up to the next division,” Pereira continued. “This will be better for me… I talked to my team, and they think as well it’s a great option for me. I’m not going up because I can’t make weight anymore.”

Potential showdown with Jamahal Hill?

With Alex Pereira’s move to the light heavyweight division, there is speculation that he may be eyeing the title currently held by Jamahal Hill. As a former two-division champion in Glory Kickboxing, Pereira is no stranger to holding titles and has already proven his skills in the UFC. If Pereira is able to make a successful transition to the 205-pound division and secure a win over top contenders, a title shot may be in his future. Only time will tell if we will witness Pereira’s ascent to the top of the light heavyweight division and his potential showdown with Hill.

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