Sean O’Malley shares his thoughts on Bryce Mitchell’s flat earth theory: “I wonder if he thinks his head’s flat.”

The UFC has never been short of colorful personalities. From Conor McGregor’s brash trash-talking to Jorge Masvidal’s “Gamebred” persona, there’s always something to talk about. Recently Sean O’Malley made headlines for his comments on Bryce Mitchell’s flat earth theory.

Mixed martial arts fighter Sean O’Malley has taken a shot at Bryce Mitchell’s belief in a flat earth, calling the featherweight “Thug Nasty” out on social media. While Mitchell is a popular figure in the UFC he is known for dividing opinions. O’Malley recently gave his shared his thoughts, wondering if Mitchell’s head might be flat as well after being hit a few times.

“I’ll tell you this I listened to a f*cking audible book and it was about like going to the moon and the astronauts and it was like the actual communications and it was really interesting because I listened to a while ago but I’m like, I mean those guys could have been actors it could have been completely fake. Bryce Mitchell is 100 percent set that the Earth is flat. I don’t know, but when you get hit in the head a couple times. I wonder if he thinks his head’s flat.”

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think personalities like Mitchell are important for the sport, or should fighters stick to discussing what happens inside the cage? And who do you think would win if these two were to face off? Let us know in the comments!

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